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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Your State of Wallet Plays with your State of Mind

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Your state of wallet plays with your state of mind’?  Speaking from personal experience and having conducted over 1000 client interviews about managing money, building wealth and buying property, I know it’s not just a saying, it’s fact!

I’m the first to agree that money doesn’t buy you happiness, as your happiness is a product of living an enriched life, all money does is provide you with options.  Furthermore, if you have a lot of money or passive income coming into your household, it potentially frees up your time, as you forgo the need to work for it.

Money plays with our state of mind because we allow money to be an emotional commodity in our lives:

Negatively: –

  • If you don’t have any or very little of it, you go without or make sacrifices that play on your minds and effect your emotional state and ultimately your wellbeing, through a sense of helplessness, frustration and feeling of treading water.
  • If you are someone who ‘watches every penny’, this is another example of money controlling your decision making outcomes, as your money could in fact be better resourced to provide you even greater monetary returns, but it has just power over you, your mind tells you not to take any risks with it.
  • If you live outside your means and use credit cards and personal debt, your emotional state and overall state of mind is heading towards outcomes of irrational thoughts and decisions.  Classic examples include, justifying additional discretionary spending to make you feel better, but only causing more financial harm.


  • If you have sufficient money invested that is generating you enough ongoing income, which will see you achieve the things you want to do and provide for those important to you, well the positive emotional response to this is pure peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.
  • The excitement of the opportunities that having this ‘ever green’ supply of money available can lift the spirits of adventure and anticipation or the enjoyment of providing for others.  All great positive emotions created out of the choice having surplus money provides.


As we roll into a new year here is one piece of advice I want to share with you all:

Accept that money is simply a form of barter and a common commodity.  Be sensible and smart with it to help build your future prosperity.  Don’t let it control you, it’s time for you to control it and put it to better use.

Remember knowledge is empowering, if you act on it.

All the best for this exciting year ahead and let’s hope you can make positive changes to improve your financial outcomes.

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