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Your Credit File – Part 2 Credit Dispute Resolution

If you have a credit dispute, meaning if your credit report is showing incorrect details on your report which is limiting your ability to get credit, your first point of contact is the creditor – the people you owe the money too or the ones who have made the mistake. Start by calling their customer service department and registering your dispute. Ask for an email address and follow-up your request by email.  It’s also important you make file notes of any person who you have contacted or called as the date and time of this correspondence for your records.

If you are not getting a satisfactory response to your dispute, then your second contact is to the credit reporting agency, Veda Advantage. You can make a dispute with them either by email or fax on 02 9278 7333.

If after you have tried resolving the problem with the individual creditor provider or the credit reporting agency and you have had no luck, you can then have the Australian Government’s Office or the Privacy Commissioner review your complaint.

They do require that you provide a copy of your credit report with your complaint. The office may decide not to investigate your complaint if you knew about the issue for more than 12 months before making a dispute. Complaints must be in writing and send via Post.  There is an appeals process if you think you were treated unfairly by the department.

You also have the ability to go further by having your matter heard in court, but you would then need to pay for legal representation.

If you have other questions about your credit profile, make contact with us and we’ll be happy to assist.


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