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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Where will the ‘Smart Investors Money’ go in 2009?

The Stock Market is shaky with both the ASX and NYSE pushing below 15 and 12 year lows respectively, as I write my comment piece this month. The low cash rate correlates to reduced bank interest returns for money invested in Term Deposits or Savings Accounts. The same goes for Government bonds.

The media continues to talk up the doom & gloom, and every expert has their opinion on what the best course of action is for these uncertain times.

So here’s my simplistic take on it:

Job security is the most important challenge for 2009/10, whilst we ride through this global recessionary time. For those who believe their job will be safe, this is an opportune time to take advantage of investment opportunities by making your money work harder for you, whether it be buying shares, or buying your first or next property investment.

History does not allow us to predict exactly what’s ahead in regards to global, or local economies, but it’s one of the best gauges we have to understand how the ‘markets’ work, and the past tells us that the future will improve and value will return to the business, assets and overall markets, it’s just a matter of when?

So from an overall investment perspective, my best tip for 2009 is make sure your money is working at its most effective over this time, because some investments, whether shares or property, are cheap from an historical standpoint, whilst others are potentially not even going to return you more than inflation is growing, resulting in the devaluation of your money. So 2009 should be about learning more about what it is you plan to invest in, because the best investment you can ever make is investing in your education, so when you do make a move, it’s a well calculated one.

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Happy Investing…………

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