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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Wealth Creation Personality

Following on from my the topic I spoke about (Money & Wealth Mindset) at last week’s forum, I believe strongly in the topic that I wanted the thousands of subscribers to our newsletter to also benefit from this message that mindset is the key thing that limits us to reach our full potential, so I will continue on the topic in this month Director’s comment.

Napoleon Hill summed it up best when he wrote: “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge” and “Both poverty and riches are offsprings of thought”

I read an interesting book recently around money personalities written by Kathleen Gurney Ph.D.  It’s a US based book and research piece, but it certainly crosses with my experience of Australian’s human behaviours around money.  It’s basically a physiological study on people’s human nature relating to our money habits, from the study conducted they put people into several money types’ personalities.

The questionnaire study asked a variety of questions which measured attitudes (personal values) on thirteen financial traits:

  • Involvement
  • Power
  • Spending
  • Pride
  • Work Ethic
  • Reflectivity
  • Emotionality
  • Contentment
  • Trust
  • Altruism
  • Risk Taking
  • Anxiety
  • Self Determination

Here are the personalities developed from the study:

  1. Entrepreneurs – High risk takers, High work ethic, High Pride, High Risk-Taking
  2. Hunters – High Emotionality, high Anxiety, High Power, High Spending
  3. High Rollers – High Emotionality, high Anxiety, High Power, High Risk-Taking, High Spending
  4. Safety Players – High Spending
  5. Achievers – High involvement, High Pride, High Emotionality, High Work Ethic, High Contentment, High Self Determination, High Reflectivity
  6. Perfectionists – High Altruism, High Anxiety, High Self Determination, High Reflectivity
  7. Money Masters – High Involvement, High Emotionality, High Altruism, High Work Ethic, High Contentment, High Self Determination, High Reflectivity, High Trust
  8. Producers – High Altruism, High Anxiety, High Power, High Work Ethic, High Self Determination, High Trust
  9. Optimists  – High Pride, High Contentment, High Spending, High Trust

These 9 personality types were developed based on a study about how people feel about money and how their attitudes and feelings affect the way they earn, invest and enjoy their money.  Importantly, in determining these money personalities it was solely based on attitudes (personal values) no determination was based on current income or level of wealth or demographics.

Empower Wealth will be doing more in this space going forward as we strive to ensure people understand the link between money attitudes (personal values) and how they affect your use of money, so watch this space.  For now, this article has hopefully achieved two things – firstly to show you there is a link between your attitudes and your money and secondly to also let you know that these personalities are learnt personalities.  So they can be changed if you are willing and wanting to achieve your personal and financial goals in life.  Through working with Empower Wealth to better educate yourself more about how you interact with your money, the better off financially I believe you will become.

For the record I’m an Achiever………

Remember, knowledge is empowering!

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