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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Top 153 Unit Hotspots

YIP Magazine – Top units hotspots - Sept 2014 THUMBNAILJust like many hot button issues, the debate on whether houses make better investments compares to units continues to divide investors. Whether you prefer to invest in houses rather than units, the reality is that units are no longer the laggard they once were, thanks to soaring demands from homebuyers.

While houses are still the dominant force, it’s quite a change to see how fast the market share of unit purchases has grown in such a short time. One reason is affordability, but it’s also a lifestyle choice for people – particularly younger people, from Generation Y who are starting to become a real force in real estate. This generation is more comfortable in smaller homes, and they value well-located properties close to the CBS and wired for technology much higher than having a big yard for barbecuing and playing backyard cricket. They happily forgo a five bedroom expensive brick McMansion in favour of a smaller apartment that costs half as much.

Your Investment Property Magazine (YIP Magazine) discuss this in the September 2014 issue and they asked their experts on what are the top unit hotspots. Ben Kingsley, Empower Wealth CEO and Founder also contributed in this article on what to buy, what not to buy and lastly, what to look for when buying. Click on the article to read more.

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