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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Three Cheap Cosmetic Renovations You Can Consider

In this How-To Session, we’re focusing on getting the best bang for buck from the cheapest cosmetic renovation you can do on property!

The reason we’re going to do those renovations could be because we want to get a better valuation; it could be that we want to get a better rental yield from new tenants coming in; or it could be that we may be selling the property.

So what are the best ways to do this?


Well, the first thing that comes to mind is decluttering, making sure the whole property looks uncluttered.

So when we walk inside the house, we basically want to see very, very few things out. We want to put everything away in their storage places.

In terms of outside the property, we want to be tidying up the place. We want to have less clutter in the garden — it’s no good having hundreds and hundreds of plants, or whatever. Keep it simple. Make sure it looks in its best possible light. The first impression matters.


When we go inside the property, focus on the natural light and the air. It could be natural light, but we can also do a couple of little tricks here as well. Make sure that we’ve got potentially lighter lightbulbs to give a better, stronger view of lighting coming into the area. Make sure the windows can open — you know, there might be generations of paint in those windows that aren’t opening in our investment properties. It’s really important to get that air coming through — the last thing we want to see is people coming into the property inspection and getting a smell. So also consider sense.

The whole air and light experience needs to be a good one — we don’t want to be walking into a musty or a dark environment.

We really want, again, to spruce it up, and make that property pop when we first walk in the door.


The final one is obviously painting. We’re talking about keeping it cheap here. Painting is the best way to lift the light. So make sure to paint from top to bottom. It makes the place look clean, bright, fresh and ready to get the best valuation possible.

So these are my 3 main tips if we don’t have a big budget. We can get down and get our hands dirty, a bit of elbow grease, and get into the property and renovate it to give us the best possible choice, and the best possible result, at the lowest possible price.

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