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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

The Secret of Our Success

API Magazine – Secrets of our Success in Property Investment - April 2015 THUMBNAILHave you always wondered what secret strategies have made successful property investors so rich? How did these investors start their property portfolio? Did they have a lot a money to begin with? How did they manage to juggle their full time job and the task of managing their investment properties? Well, wonder no more. Australian Property Investor (API) Magazine has cornered Bryce Holdaway, Partner and Buyers Agent of Empower Wealth, other industry’s top experts, and some seriously successful private investors, to find out just what their tactics are. Here’s a snippet of this article:

“You’ll have seen their names before and you probably recognise their faces. They’re the ones who’ve been there, done that on the property investment carousel, and are happily reaping the rewards of having sussed out the right plan for a profitable portfolio. So, we know they know what they’re gong. But are they happy to share their secret key strategy, the rules they like to stick to with property investment? Luckily, this is API, so of course they’re happy to share with us. ”

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