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2011 Valuer General Data Released For Victoria

Most commentators say that property investing should be a long term investment, and you have no debate on this point from me, but when commentators are asked what is short, medium and long term, that is when you start getting mix responses. My view has always been consistent and I’ll again share with you. Short term in property investing for me i...

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Reflection a Powerful Learning tool

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back in time…… We’d all be wiser and wealthier for the experience, especially if we could take back those lotto numbers with us! Of course the reality is that we can’t. So what can we do? You need to learn from past events and be wiser from that experience moving forward. When it comes to property and...

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Property Values – Where to from Here?

Avid readers of my commentary will know that I am a buy and hold investor, opting for long term passive income and capital growth. It’s this methodology that suits most of the strategies we design for our clients at Empower Wealth. Furthermore our investment analysis has over-weighting towards incomes as a core growth driver for property value...

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