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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Seventh Heaven

Sunday Times - Seventh Heaven - October 2014Bryce Holdaway is recently interviewed by Sunday Times, Perth on the seven top tips to help make your home ownership dreams come true. Here’s a snippet of the article:

“There are plenty of would-be homebuyers who are beyond desperate to get a foothold on the property ladder. In my line of work, I see so many people go through the process of buying a home and get a bird’s eye view on what the common considerations are when it comes to choosing a property. Here are some tips that I think you should take into account before you buy your next house.

1. Look through the telescope before the microscope. Before you buy, it’s vital to make work out how long you’re likely to be living in the property. There’s no point trying to buy a one-bedroom apartment in the city if you think you might want to start a family in a couple of years time..”

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