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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Retiring younger and richer

API Magazine - Retiring younger and richer - March 2016 THUMBNAILAt one point or another, most of us would have thought about retiring younger and richer. It is not an uncommon dream and if you’re lucky, you would probably achieved this already. But for the rest of us, this dream requires strategic planning.

This time on the cover story of Australian Property Investor (API) Magazine, Ben Kingsley and other experts are asked to share their thoughts on how people from different age group can turn this dream into a reality. Ben will be focusing on investors in their 30’s. There are pros and cons for this age group. The pros are investors in this age group usually have the incentives for planning to kick in and they are more ready to get started on their property portfolio plan. On top of that, their wages are usually on the rise. On the flip side, there is a higher chance for them to have dependents and there are fewer property cycles ahead.

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