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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate September 2022: From Trough to Peak: How Bad Is Today’s Market?

Across the globe, the inflation story continues to unfold and trade tensions between Russia and the Eurozone simmer. We see oil prices and energy suppliers shifting which leaves the question: How will it impact Australia? 

Back home the Reserve Bank of Australia has lifted rates for the fifth consecutive month by 50 basis points, bringing the cash rate 2.35% – the sharpest rise on record since the RBA was made an independent body from Government in 1960.  

Tune in to find out if Australia’s cash hikes are set to slow down…or if the RBA’s new forecast reveals otherwise. 

Here are our other key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • The US Fed’s warpath against inflation   
  • RBA back at it again with another rate rise  
  • Why APRA must act now to reduce its buffer rate 
  • The trough and peak results in Australia’s property market during COVID 

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And here are all the time stamps!

0:00 – Welcome back! 

World Economic Update Segment: 

00:40 – United States: Jerome Powell’s Speech  
1:58 – United States: War Against Inflation  
3:43 – United States: Jobs & Unemployment 
5:17 – United States: Consumer Confidence 
6:26 – United States: Property 
6:57 – China: Zero Covid Policy 
7:41 – China: Economic Slowdown  
9:32 – Europe: Energy Supply  
11:52 – Europe: Data Highlights  
14:45 – Europe: Overall Economy Outlook 
12:41 – Oil Prices  

Australian Economy Segment 

13:44 – The Cash Rate Announcement! 
14:36 – RBA Forecast  
16:59 – Where Will The Cash Rates Stop?  
17:45 – Tip For Household Budgets  
18:36 – Jobs & Unemployment  
20:25 – Wages Growth  
22:09 – Consumer Confidence & Sentiment 
23:23 – Retail Sales 
25:19 – Business Confidence & Conditions 
26:10 – Capital Expenditure (Capex)  
27:41 – Immigration  

Australian Property Market Update 

28:38 – Household Credit  
30:20 – APRA’s Buffer Rate 
31:36 – Housing Story 
33:21 – Building Approvals  
34:48 – Emerging Story: Housing Shortage  
34:49 – CoreLogic’s Price & Rental Data – 31 August 2022 
36:03 – Covid Trough to Peak Growth  
41:25 – Rental Yield 
43:35 – Key Takeaways  

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