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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

RBA Cash Rate November 2021: Lending Standards To Change?

It’s Melbourne Cup RBA Cash Rate Day folks! In the past, the Reserve Bank of Australia tends to change the rate on race day.

Did they change the cash rate as well this year?

Most definitely NOT.

They simply can’t afford to make any changes to the cash rate yet. Why? Tune in to find out more where Ben unpacks three key themes for this month’s economic update:

  • The global inflation rate and what are the Central Banks across the World doing?
  • Vaccine adoption rates leads to safer economic re-opening
  • New Property Listings Surge but there is more to this story

And here are all the time stamps! 😊

00:33 – COVID-19 Update

World Economic Update Segment:

06:22 – United States: GDP Numbers
07:08 – United Stated: Consumer Confidence
07:50 – United Stated: Unemployment rate
08:52 – United Stated: Inflation
09:57 – China: GDP Numbers
11:31 – China: Property Market and the Potential Impact of Evergrande’s Collapse
11:31 – China: Property Market and the Potential Impact of Evergrande’s Collapse
13:54 – Europe: GDP Numbers
14:43 – Europe: Inflation

Australian Economy Segment

16:35 – The Cash Rate Announcement!
16:46 – RBA’s Bond Buying Program
19:43 – Inflation and what’s happening in recent weeks?
21:16 – What’s causing this inflation anomaly
22:47 – The relationship between real wage growth and inflation
27:47 – Unemployment
29:59 – Jobs Ads Data
30:41 – Consumer & Business Confidence
31:56 – Retail Spending

Australian Property Market Update

33:00 – Housing Lending
34:26 – Property Prices
36:00 – CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index
36:49 – New Listings & the Supply Story

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