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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate June 2023: RBA’s Tough Call, Wage Growth vs. Productivity Battle & What’s Driving Property Values 

Another month down and yet another close call by the RBA! Welcome back to Ben’s RBA and Economic Update.  

Join Ben as he unpacks the RBA’s latest decision. From navigating loan default aversion to the RBA’s interest rate dilemma, the Aussie economy’s wage growth vs productivity battle, mortgage prison insights, cash flow management tips, and unexpected property price surges.  

Tune in to stay updated on the latest market developments and gain valuable insights for making informed financial decisions. 

In today’s RBA release, here are our key themes for this month’s economic update: 

👉 The US avoids a loan default 

👉 The RBA’s tough call on interest rates 

👉 Taking a deeper dive into the Aussie economy looking at:  

  • Wages growth vs productivity is the new battle growth for inflation 
  • Some news for anyone stuck in Mortgage Prison as well as some important cash flow management tips to navigate through changing money landscape 

👉 Latest property update where Ben shares his views on why property prices are growing, and why they are growing even faster than expected! 

Tune in now!!

Other Stuff Mentioned:

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And here are all the time stamps!

00:00 – What I am covering today 

World Economic Update

0:55 – United States Update 

1:08 – United States: Debt Ceiling 
4:10 – United States: Inflation  

6:00 – United States: Interest Rates 
6:50 – United States: Employment 
7:50 – United States: Consumer Sentiment 

8:25 – United States: Business Data  
9:50 – China: Not focusing on China this month as not much has changed month on month 
10:15 – Europe: Inflation 

11:25 – Europe: Interest Rates  
12:20 – Europe: Employment 

Australian Economy Segment 

13:30 – The Cash Rate Announcement! 

17:45 – Mortgage Stress 

25:50 – Ben’s Message 

26:50 – Inflation 

31:10 – Labor Force Data 

37:25 – Wage Price Index Data  

39:40 – Employment Data  

43:00 – Consumer Sentiment 

45:10 – Retail Sales / Consumer Spending 

47:00 – Business Confidence & Conditions

Australian Property Market Update 

51:15 – Property Data: Lending  
52:58 – Building Approvals 
56:51 – CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – May 2023 

58:15 – What’s Driving Property Prices? 
1:08:40 – Overall Property Outlook 

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