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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate February 2023: The Inflation Peak Has Passed, So What’s Next? 

After a month’s hiatus, the Reserve Bank of Australia is back with its first meeting for 2023. With a rapidly changing economic landscape, will the board mirror December’s 0.25 rate rise or is a drastic rate hike in order?  

Tune in to hear Ben cover the highs of the domestic market from the ASX’s surprise positive results to falling unemployment and business sentiment as we grapple with the question on everyone’s minds… 

Is Australia past the worst of its economic slowdown?  

Of course, Ben also dives into the biggest news from around the world including the US’ “disinflationary” period, China’s relaxing lockdown laws, and more.  

P.S. Want to hear our 2023 market predictions? Stay tuned for The Property Couch‘s episode this week (Ep 429) where Bryce and Ben unpack the Risks and Opportunities in their annual Property Market Outlook for 2023. 

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And here are all the time stamps!

00:00 – Welcome back in 2023!  

World Economic Update Segment: 
0:39 – United States: Jerome Powell’s Speech  
4:49 – United States: Inflation Numbers 
7:24 – United States: GDP 
7:57 – United Stated: Employment  
8:36 – United Stated: Consumer Sentiment  
8:55 – United Stated: Retail Sales  
9:20 – United Stated: Business Activity  
11:11 – United Stated: Housing Data  
12:33 – United Stated: Summary  

12:49 – China: The Relaxing of COVID Zero Policy  13:24 – China: GDP Data  
13:48 – China: Inflation Rate  
14:12 – China: Retail Sales 
14:32 – China: Business Front  
15:39 – China: Summary  

15:58 – Europe: Good News!  
17:27 – Europe: Interest Rate Story  
19:27 – Europe: GDP Growth  
20:19 – Europe: Economic Sentiment  
20:54 – Europe: Confidence Indicators  
21:46 – Europe: Equity Markets 

Australian Economy Segment 
23:12 – The Cash Rate Announcement! 
26:01 – Inflation Numbers 
30:09 – Unemployment  
33:13 – Immigration Story 
36:00 – Consumer Confidence & Sentiment 
37:28– Retail Spending 
39:35 – Business Front 

Australian Property Market Update 
43:48 – Property: Construction News  
45:13 – Property: Building Approvals 
46:33 – Property: Household Lending  
51:43 – Stay Tuned: Our 2023 Property Market Outlook 
52:09 – CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – 1 February 2023 
55:19 – Rental Front  
56:04 – Key Takeaways 

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