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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate August 2022: Inching Closer to a Neutral Cash Rate!

As we welcome in a new financial year, we welcome another not-so-surprising change. The Reserve Bank of Australia has once again lifted the cash rate by 50 basis points, bringing the official rate to 1.85%. This marks the most aggressive rate rise in a 3-month period since 1994 (If you’re wondering, back then the RBA lifted the cash rate by 200 basis points)  

Ben breaks down what this hike means in the grand scheme of things (is it all bad?), plus…

Here are our three other key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • Is the world’s biggest economy in a recession already?  
  • The manufactured economic slowdown is now in full swing with another rate rise this month 
  • Unemployment surprises on the upside, beating all forecasts for July 

And here are all the time stamps!

0:00 – Welcome back! 

World Economic Update Segment:

0:36 – United States: Inflation 
2:03 – United States: GDP & Recession Debate  
3:40 – United States: Interest Rates 
3:58 – United Stated: Overall Economic Update I  
7:55 – United Stated: Housing Market  
10:32 – United Stated: Overall Economic Update II 
11:33 – China: GDP  
12:25 – China: Inflation & Producer Price Index  
14:02 – China: Overall Economic Outlook 
14:45 – Europe: ECB Interest Rates  
18:35 – Europe: Overall Economy Outlook

Australian Economy Segment

20:05 – The Cash Rate Announcement! 
20:50 – What’s the $64 Million Dollar Question?  
21:12 – What does this mean for future cash rates?  
23:32 – CPI June 2022 Quarter Data  
26:00 – Jobs & Unemployment  
27:53 – Consumer Confidence & Sentiment 
31:46 – Retail Sales 
33:30 – Business Confidence & Conditions

Australian Property Market Update

35:03 – General Consensus  
35:40 – CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – 1 August 2022 
37:55 – Rental Market  
38:37 – Overall Property Outlook 

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