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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate April 2023: The Close Rate Call 

Welcome back to Ben’s RBA and Economic Update where this month’s announcement could mark a “turning point” for Australia…  

Will the Reserve Bank of Australia finally end the country’s 11-month rate hike or is the inflation genie still out of the bottle?!  

Tune in to hear Ben unpack the RBA’s decision along with the latest market changes including disinflation starting to take the reins and Australia records its largest drop in retail spending ever (outside of COVID).  

In international news, we see China bouncing back, the Euro Zone continues through its economic slowdown, and Ben explores exactly why global banks are failing today.  

Here are the three other key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • US & Swiss Banking Failures – it’s time we learn more about the global banking system  
  • The RBA cash rate decision – it was such a close call. 
  • Property values are growing? Yes, that’s right, but is this sustainable, or will it turn out to be a dead cat bounce? More on that topic later in this update….   

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And here are all the time stamps!

00:00 – What we’re diving into today… 

World Economic Update Segment: 

0:43 – Global Banking Failures 
1:04 – How the Systems Tie Together  
3:45 – Banking & Global Financial System  
6:44 – US & Swiss Banking Failures  
9:25 – US Banking Failures  

United States  

14:40 – Inflation  
17:37 – Interest Rate Story  
20:53 – Employment Data  
21:58 – Consumer Confidence & Sentiment  
22:35 – Retail Sales & Consumer Spending Data  
22:57 – Business Data 
24:35 – Summary  

25:14 – Inflation 
25:54 – Interest Rates  
26:33 – Employment Data  
27:13 – Business Data  


27:43 – Inflation  
28:34 – Interest Rates 
29:28 – Retail Sales & Consumer Spending Data 
30:14 – Consumer Sentiment  
30:43 – Business Data  

Australian Economy Segment 

32:10 – The Cash Rate Announcement! 
33:26 – Inflation Story  
35:42 Employment Data  
38:10 – Consumer Sentiment Data  
39:51 – Wages Growth 
40:43 – Retail Spending & Consumer Spending Data  
42:04 –Business Data  
42:57 – Interest Rate Story 

Australian Property Market Update 

44:18 – Lending Data  
45:46 – Building Approvals 
46:58 – CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – 3 April 2023: Property Value Results    
48:41 – The Big Question  
52:08 – Long-Term ‘Sustainable’ Price Growth  
54:47 – Summary  

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