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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Property Millions

Money Magazine – Property Millions - July 2010Having a multi-million dollar property portfolio is everyone’s dream but to find the time, skills and understanding to start building it may be harder than we thought. In the July 2010 issue of Money Magazine, Bryce Holdaway writes about eight steps that you can apply to start building your very own property portfolio!

Here’s a snippet of the article:

“I meet countless investors, all with a different levels of expertise, yet many of them have share a trait that has a significant impact on their ability to consistently produce outstanding growth from their investments. These people consider property investment to be an event that is is solely focused around the transaction stage of a purchase, rather than a process that addresses all value-impacting stages of property investment. As a result, many crucial elements – such as research, planning and structure are ignored. This only serves to significantly reduce the overall potential for an exceptional purchase.

Fortunately, residential property is a forgiving asset class that, if held for long enough, usually recovers from poor decision making. Even so…”

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