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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Property Investment – Safe and Easy……REALLY?

The early 2013 signs are positive for a return to capital value growth within the residential property sector, as agents report significantly more enquiry and general interest as consumer sentiment improves.

Once again the media will add to the potential ‘hype’ as it loves either a falling market or a rising market because it makes for good headlines and news stories.

The additional media coverage will also spur on the many property spruikers and marketeers to once again gear up their advertising machines, as rising property prices is also perceived as good for business.  Only just this week I have notices some new advertising hitting the Melbourne radio promising two things:

Firstly, property investing is ‘EASY’ and secondly it’s ‘SAFE’.  Hmmm, easy and safe?  My professional experience and conservative nature in me tells me this could be a tad misleading.  If it were easy and safe, well everyone would be doing it right? – Everyone in Australia would have one or maybe more.   Well the statistic certainly dispels this statement as not the case.

The fact of the matter is property investing as with any type of investing is not easy and certainly not every property is a ‘safe’ investment.

These types of misleading statements do give me an idea that the next time you see, hear or read a misleading ad you should call these ‘so called’ property investment promoters and ask them – given their investing is safe, are they willing to put a guarantee on it?.  I’m sure they won’t be willing to do that, so the answer is no – not all property investing is a sure bet!

Now you might be thinking, why is a business that provides specialist property investment advice and services, talking down how easy and safe it is.  The answer is, it’s absolutely vital anyone seeking to invest in property knows more about how to invest and who are the right professionals to speak with and who are the ones to avoid.

You may or may not realise that our property investment industry is unregulated, so anyone can claim to be a property ‘expert’ or property investment advisor, when in fact they are just sales staff pushing their products for their own gains.

In response to this my fellow director and a leading professional in the property investment industry, Bryce Holdaway, has put together a great little 4 part property investment educational series, which covers the topic of how the industry operates , who are the players and how do they get paid.

Furthermore it also discusses the following topics:

  • Our Proven Property Investment Formula for Successful investing (without the hype)
  • The four essential components you need to master
  • Your 5 step process to investing in property

This FREE video series can be subscribed to in our Education page and you will get 1 video a day for the next 4 days. They are a great introduction to anyone thinking about investing in property, as most importantly they offer real facts supported by real knowledge and real results.

Remember, knowledge is empowering if you act on it.

Safe investing,

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