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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

Pathways to Profit

Money magazine - pathway to profit the armchair guide to property investingHave you bought a copy of the Armchair Guide to Property Investing yet? If you have, you can ignore this page because in this Money Magazine’s June 2016 Edition, we share an extract of the six of 18 strategies mentioned in the book. The strategies mentioned in this article are:

  • Changing places, Changing faces
  • The Wave Rider
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Piggy Backer
  • No Vacancies
  • The Double-Up

In this extract, we’ll be discussing the difficulty levels in each strategy, risk and time allocation level, price points, tax implications and when to buy, forming some pathways to profit. Click on the image to start reading.

And if you are interested in getting a copy of the book after reading this extract, click here and use the discount code: EMPOWER.

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