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The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

Two of Australia’s leading property experts Ben Kingsley, founder and CEO of Empower Wealth and Chair of PIPA and Bryce Holdaway, partner in Empower Wealth and co-host of Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel series ‘Location Location Location Australia’ have just written their first book.


Book cover - 3 The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, How to retire on $2,000 a week is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of money management, risk assessment, and picking a winning property that gives readers a full toolkit to be a successful property investor.

The authors also share 18 investment strategies that in their vast experience have worked for hundreds of their clients – and themselves – over the years. There are also insightful case studies where you will discover how six very different investors – a young single, a couple who started investing early, a couple who left it a bit late, a single parent and a couple with no kids – all built portfolios which will deliver $2,000 a week in retirement income!

The Armchair Guide to Property Investing will be available in all good bookstores.

Published by Major Street Publishing.

Yours for just $29.95 plus $8 shipping within Australia!



Book Review

G’day Bryce and Ben,

I got on to your podcast just as you guys released your second episode and I have been hooked ever since. The passion and knowledge you show every week in the podcast is a credit to you both. Plus I love how you are giving the right information and shooting down the sharks and spruiks in the industry at the same time.

Now to talk about the book. I found the book was reinforcing a lot of what I had already learnt from listening to the podcast. I really enjoyed reading the strategies you guys use and the cool names you give them. Also the scenarios are a great read to, I have read a few of them before in Money magazine. The part of the book I love most would have to be the section on Money SMARTS. I had not heard you guys talk about that on the podcast until recently and it made so much sense and sounds so easy. I think Bryce said on the podcast you will never unconsciously over spend again using the Money SMARTS system and I can see that he is right.

Favourite Quote, ” Searching is not researching”
There is plenty more of your quotes I like to.

Like the sport banter at the start of the podcast.
Dislike the sign off at the end, kind of funny you keep running with it though.

Listening to you guys has convinced me that my best option for me to invest in property will be to book myself a appointment at Empower Wealth in 2016 and start my journey to a early retirement.

Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year

Mark H.


Hi Bryce and Ben,

I just wanted to say a big thank-you to you both for all the knowledge you’ve been passing on through your podcasts and your book. I’ve just finished reading your book and am feeling much more confident and in control of my situation. I stumbled across The Property Couch podcasts at episode 4, listened to them back to back then started eagerly awaiting each Friday! Thanks to your practical tips, I’ve implemented some changes to the way I was doing things, have tweaked my plan, and am looking forward to the next purchase 🙂

Jess L


Dear Ben & Bryce,
Just completed your book over Christmas and what a great read! Really enjoyed it and so much insight and practical wisdom into the property investment journey. In fact, I’d put this book alongside Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and John Fitzgerald’s “Seven Steps to Wealth” as the best books on property investing I’ve read. Fantastic!

What I like most about it is that it seems to strike a balance between the article Bryce wrote in 2013 which was chasing $2500 per week in retirement income, vs his article in 2015 which was chasing $55K per year (roughly $1057 per week), and particularly that $2000 a week could be achievable with just 3-4 properties. Obviously, that would only be possible with very good capital growth and yields over time to retirement, but I guess that’s why one invests in a decent buyer’s agent!

One of the best take aways I found with the book is the “investment grade” vs “investment stock” differential. I believe this must be the key to making a wise property decision, and that every asset selection is critical for the model to work, hence finding that investment grade asset in the right location is paramount.

I think this is what has been missing from our previous forays into property investment, and armed with this knowledge and making contact with Empower Wealth over the coming months, I believe we can get back on track with our investment journey.

Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedules to write this down to earth, and very helpful guide for the everyday property investor. I really hope it does extremely well, and that Empower Wealth goes from strength to strength during 2016. All the very best!

Ben D.


Hi Bryce and Ben,

Just wanted to say I’ve been listening to your podcast for some time now and you guys have increased my knowledge of property exponentially. Thanks to you guys I’m 26 and own 2 properties and am in the process of purchasing my third, all have owner occupier appeal and supply decent yield and are striving for decent capital growth. Just wanted to say I can’t thank you guys enough for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I’ve bought a few copies of your book to hand out to friends that I think could use the helping hand.

Dean B.

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