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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

MyWealth Portal | October 2020 Updates

Hi Ben Kingsley here to tell you about three exciting new features that we’ve built into the MyWealth Portal. Yes. The home of MoneySMARTS, and ultimately the home for you to organize your finances for the household and to make that money work harder for you.

The first one I want to talk to you about is what we call MoneySTRETCH.

If you have been listening to The Property Couch podcast, you know, that we’ve released the MoneySTRETCH a while ago, but we’re now going to be focusing in on here. So what is it? Well, it’s basically a very clever tool that works out how long your money is going to last you, if something was to happen to your income. So if we go in here, you put your income in, you put your expenses in here and that will adjust and work out exactly how long it is.

Now, I’m not going to go to a deep dive in this particular video, because I’ve got another video for you to watch here as well in this email that we’ve sent to you. So that’s number one.

Number two, what I want to talk to you about is this little enhancement in terms of how we collect, address details across the platform.

So it’s real simple. What we’ve done is we’ve made it very clear that you can just free type the address in.

Let’s say 1 Smith Street or something along Paramatta. That will automatically populate. Don’t forget to save, but if you’re not sure, and it’s one of those difficult addresses that may not be found through an auto search, just simply click on the enter manually. And that will take you through to the larger full format for organizing your addresses. So that’s feature number two.

Finally, feature number three, the one that I’ve been waiting for.

That our team have been waiting for for a long time is an incredible feature.

And that is our new Knowledge Centre. We are all about education.

We are all about providing you a single home that you can go to where you can find all the information about building knowledge for a wealthier tomorrow.

So here we are in our brand new Knowledge Centre. Now inside the Knowledge Centre, you’ve got a search filter at the top. So if you’re just looking around to see what’s in here, you can search at the top and it will bring up those results. Also, you can see here that we’ve got our featured info pack, which is really our tutorial videos for things like how you run your MoneySMARTS. I’ve just gone in here now and you can see we’ve got all the information in terms of the different types of educational videos in terms of how you do personal information and goals, how you do income and assets, how you to expenditure your, your monthly checkups and your rollovers.

It is all in here in those information tutorial packs. That’s one great way in which you can build that knowledge out. We’ve got MoneyFIT in here as well. And also tutorial video on MoneySTRETCH.

Then we move into the library. This is the home, the encyclopedia of information, ladies and gentlemen. What we’ve got in here is the videos. We’ve got all the episodes of the podcast.

And we also have our popular report section. So this is where you can get those free reports, like the Top Five Frameworks that we use. Also our Bingeguide, those First 20 gold episodes that we started the podcast with in building out the foundational knowledge that we share with you.

Then we go into our premium resources, our two bestselling books effectively, you can get the free book, which is the Make Money Simple Again. We’re now making that free for everyone. Or we also have The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, which we are at the moment, giving away some free copies of that. So check that out.

And finally, we have our paid workshop, Start and Build, which has got hours and hours and hours of great information as we take a deeper dive on property investment and building a property portfolio.

Let’s move further down into our property research apps. We’ve been building out all of this great data and technology, and we’ve got these excellent app applications that you can do your own independent research on from SuburbGrowth, which has property price predictions, right through to our premium service, which is our DSR Data, where you can take a deep dive into the best locations around Australia.

Also, we offer our professional services information that’s available there. If you want to book a free, no obligation consultation, you can learn more about that through this particular area.

And then finally the Help Desk. This is the area where you can potentially tell us about how we can continue and improve our, MyWealth Portal so we can get it working better for you.

So those are the three things we’ve got for you now more to come and just remember, why are we doing this? Because knowledge is empowering, but only if you act on it. So get on that there and check it out. And act on it.

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