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MyWealth Portal Tutorials: How to Log In

Hi Ben Kingsley here. In this tutorial video about MyWealth Portal, I’m going to teach you how to actually get into MyWealth Portal for the very first time.

Now it’s really easy. By now, you would have been sent an email and inside that email there’s a couple of instructions. So I’m just going to take you through these instructions in terms of what you need to do cause it’s simple.

Step 1: Download Google Chrome

The first thing we need to do is we need to download Google Chrome. We click on that download button and that’s basically going to then download this web browser. Now it says download Chrome, click on that. And now it’s just going to basically download. We use Google Chrome because it has excellent security settings around it. And we also like it because it also makes the of portal function better as well.

Step 2: Go to MyWealth Portal

So once you’ve downloaded Google Chrome, the icon will appear on your desktop. Here we have the icon on your desktop. You can double click on that and you can see the window opening up. When you’ve opened up Google Chrome, you can see the address bar at the top. We’re going to go up there and type it in for the very first time. So we go to and we simply hit “Enter” and this will take us to the landing page for the very first time. Here we are on the MyWealth Portal landing page for the very first time. Make sure you save or bookmark that link in your favorites.

Step 3: Log in with your temporary details

Now of course in terms of accessing it for the very first time, we know two simple things. We need your email address, the same email address that you registered with and then also the password, which is a temporary password before we go in and create our own unique password.

In this particular case, we go back to the email that you’ve got and there is evidence in here in terms of what that email address was and you can also see the temporary password. If we go back into MyWealth Portal and we basically put those details in here, and all I need to do now is key in the temporary password and you’ll get to the next stage, which is very important from a security point of view.

Step 4: Set up your Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

It’s the second factor authentication. This security protects you in terms of putting your information inside the portal to help you manage your money and also thrive in terms of trapping that surplus. So here we go. Now here’s a big tip. Don’t put your zero in. Just put the first numeral after the zero. So if your phone number starts 04-xxxxx, just start keying in 4 and the rest of the number.

So I’m going to do that. Now also, if you’re registering internationally, just change from Australia to whatever international port that you’re coming from so you can get that SMS sent to your phone. So there we go. Hit the submit button and this will pop up. Now, it’s very important that we get the number right because we don’t want that code going to anywhere else. It’ll mean we’re going to have to start the whole process again. We don’t want to do that. It’ll ask you to double check your number, is this number correct? I look at that and I say yes it is and I hit okay and it’s now submitting that. And so it’s come through to the verification code page and there it is. I’ve just received my verification. So I click on that, the security code on my phone and I see the number that I have to put in.

Step 5: You’re ready to go!

I’ll put that number in and here I am inside the portal for the very first time. Now it says, what is your current password or remember the temporary password that we have? It’s in your email. Once I key that in, I need to create my very new password. I put my password in and I hit reset password and I’ll have to now go to the terms and conditions area.

Here I am with the terms and conditions. Get familiar with those terms and conditions. And if you’re happy with those terms and conditions, what you do need to do is tick the box. And when you tick that box, it then says submit. Click submit and you’ve now set up your MyWealth Portal for the very first time. And when you’re in here, start to play with the numbers.

Get familiar with all of the great insights you get around money management.

And also don’t forget that we have other tutorials that are available to you.

So make sure to check them out as well. Thanks for watching. That’s how you getting into the MyWealth Portal for the very first time.

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