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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Are you investing for the long term?

Hi, Ben Kingsley here, Founder of Empower Wealth. Thanks for taking a moment of your time to watch this video.

It’s important to understand that as property investors we need to look at the market over the longer term. We’ve definitely enjoyed fantastic capital growth over this short term period — low interest rates and a reasonably buoyant economy have helped that story along. But as the market changes, this is where we need to dig deep around our mindset and make sure we understand we’re playing the long game and not a speculation game.

Property investment does pay fantastic dividends if you hold the property over the long term.

Some of you may now be saying, “Is it still worth paying the interest on those mortgages, still holding those properties?”

Well, this’s the best time to reach out to us if you are thinking about it.

Because the reality is we think property is still going to be a terrific long-term investment based on the fundamentals: Australia is growing; we’re not creating any more land; people need to live somewhere.

So it is going to be a story around your circumstances if you’re able to hold this property for the longer term. Because, over time, we will see the next cycle come through.

Now, Bryce and I have done a podcast on this, based on the ABC’s Four Corners program called Betting on the House — you can listen to the episode we did here.

I think it’s a timely reminder for people to understand that not all property makes for great investing. And it really does come down to a case by case story as to what assets you’re holding, what your cash flow position is, and what the next move forward is.

As valued clients at Empower Wealth, we want to make sure we’re having this connection with you — we’ve always said we’re about the relationship, in terms of talking to us as your trusted adviser, as your accountability partner to take you forward — so if you haven’t had a chat with us for a while, reach out to us again. Get onto the Client Portal, update your information and we can have a conversation about what you’re thinking to make sure that we can take you down the right path for long term sustainable returns. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us here.


Thanks for watching.

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