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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

How to Use Investment Property to Pay Off your Home in 10 years

YIP Magazine - May 2015 - Game Plan - How to use Investment property to pay off your home in 10 yrsOwning your own home is something many of us aspire to, despite claims that home ownership is overrated. But let’s face it, most of us will carry our mortgage for at least 25 years before we can get rid of it. Turn out you don’t have to. In this Game Plan by Your Investment Property Magazine, Ben Kingsley and other experts lay out practical strategies for paying off your home loan sooner, using your investment property. They show you how to structure your finances, and what property to buy and when.

Here’s a snippet of Ben’s approach:
“It’s an interesting concept that you can actually invest in property to help pay down you personal home loan sooner. The strategy I’m using to illustrate this is a passive investment strategy, meaning it won’t focus on any renovation or developing for profit. It will be a buy-and-hold approach, focusing on taking advantage of the low interest rate environment and securing three cash flow positive properties..”

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