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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Having an Exit Strategy

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In this podcast, Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk focused on the recent articles by API Magazine that wrote about investment strategy and having an exit strategy set in place. He talks to Ben Kingsley about the sensitive but necessary discussion of having an exit strategy. You might not want to think about it, but Ben gives some compelling reasons why you should consider it and gives an interesting insight into what you will read in this outstanding article in the March issue of API.


Kevin: In the March edition of the API Magazine, there was an article written by Angela Young called “A Graceful Exit” and it’s got to do with exit strategies and the old theories of starting with the end in mind particularly when you are looking to start a property portfolio. Joining me now is one of the people that contributed to the article, Ben Kingsley, the CEO & Founder of Empower Wealth. Ben, thank you so much for your time.

Ben: No problem, thanks for having me on Kev.

Kevin: Interesting read. I want to dig a little deeper on this exit strategy scenario. Is it always important, do you think Ben, to have an exit strategy or is it more important in some situation than others?

Ben: Kevin, I actually think it is important. We got to understand that when we are investing and given that it is such a high value transaction, if we going to put all this money and all of our eggs into the property basket, surely we’ve got to understand what type of outcome we’re trying to achieve in this investment. So for me, I think it is imperative that we look at outcome based decisions as opposed to just investing blindly.


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