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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Golden Rules in Property Investing and can we Break them?

In this episode of 774 ABC Radio Melbourne, Ben Kingsley appeared again on the new segment called, “All things real estate”.

As mentioned before on Empower Wealth, investing in property is a science. There are a set process and formula that you should follow and a handful of filters that you need to apply when selecting an investment grade asset. But are there any criteria that can be compromised? Today’s topic on 774 ABC Radio Melbourne is what are the golden rules in property investing and can we possibly break them?

The first and perhaps, the most important is Location and unfortunately, it is also one factor that you cannot ignore. However, there have been some changes on how a good location is being perceived. Things like main road and proximity to public transport are often perceived and analysed differently depending on where you are.

Ben and Richelle will also be sharing some of the listeners’ experience and questions on property investment in Australia. Listen to this segment to learn more.


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