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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Double Christmas Bonus for Mortgage Holders or First Timers

For those of you reading this newsletter with Mortgages I put a challenge out to you, which could give you a double Christmas bonus on top of the RBA announcement to drop rates – the question to you is, do you want a further financial bonus – If Yes read on….

Over the next week or two you are going to receive a letter from your lender announcing the new interest rate level of your variable home loan. Admit it; you’re not really sure exactly what interest rate you were on before this letter arrived. The question I am asking you now is, what if there was a better deal than the existing deal you currently have with your lender?

At Empower Wealth we deal with over 30 of the top lenders in the country, including the big 4 banks. Often we get new clients, better deals with their current lender, so there is little or no inconvenience to you. Or you might be paying too much and your current lender won’t match the great deal we can get from another lender.

Better still, we do all the analysis to show you the savings we can make you, we show you the comparison and your options so you make the most informed decision about whether or not you want to take advantage of this offer.

Finally we handle the ‘heavy going’ application paperwork for you and manage the application to settlement process.

So I put a friendly challenge out to you – when you get your letter from your lender/bank – call us on (03) 9326 8900 or book an appointment with us to request a free Home Loan Health Check to see what we can offer you as we don’t charge you anything for our service. We have over 700 satisfied customers who benefit from Empower Wealth being their finance advisors.


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