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Property investment advice articles & tips

Investing in property is not as easy as just buying houses and renting them out; there are many different aspects to consider. To help you learn more, our property experts have put together a host of different learning tools covering a range of topics, including the four elements in building a property portfolio, buying property interstate, what to look out for and mistakes that can be avoided, and so much more.

Is Negative Gearing good or bad?

With so much debate right now about negative gearing it's really important to try and provide some balance. Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing? So I'm going to come up with five reasons why I think it's a positive thing for the economy and of course I've got to declare my self-interest here because I am a property investor myself. I have a bus...

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Seven habits of highly effective property investors

I've always been a really avid reader of positive mental attitude books and one of my favorites is the Stephen Covey classic, seven habits of highly effective people and there are seven really cool habits that you can apply into your life if you really want to be the cream of your field, your life and your industry. So I thought it will be really f...

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