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Empower Wealth in the media

With our very own Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway being two of the top property commentators in Australia, Empower Wealth is no stranger to Australia’s media industry. We are regularly contacted to provide our unbiased opinion and property investment advice on anything property related. We list out all our appearances in the media, be it on television programs and radio, or in magazines and newspapers.

Uniformity for Buyers Advocate License

>> Play Audio here   In this podcast, Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk interviews Ben and asked him about the issue that we have in our property industry across Australia: The lack of a uniform Buyers Advocate license. Here's a snippet of the interview: "Kevin: I want to take this subject one step further. I’m talking now to t...

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A Tailored Approach to Property Investment

In this episode of Look At Property, The Hotspot session, Des Dowling asked Ben Kingsley about starting a Property Portfolio and if there is a one size fit all or an off-the-shelf solution. Ben explains that there are both option but to get a tailored approach to Property Investment, it is important to have a clear understanding of our current c...

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Powerful Strategies to Finding Properties

It's easy to think that once you have decided on an investment strategy and got your finances sorted, you have moved into the home strait. After all, the remaining step is simply to go out and buy a property, right? Wrong! While the buying stage is one that many investors look forward to with great excitement, it is in fact full of minefields that ...

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Finance Talk with Look At Property

In this episode of Finance Talk, Look At Property, Ben Kingsley joins host, Des Dowling and Walter Dobrowolski from Walter Financial Solutions to talk about property finance. After 12 months, the RBA interest rate is still on hold at 2.5% but the common question remained: how long is this going to last? Many media commentary is now saying that t...

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A Piece of Cake

Creating a successful property investment portfolio is much like following a recipe - but get your ingredients wrong and your investment cake might sink, burn or crumble. In the August 2014 Issue of Smart Property Investment (SPI) Magazine, Ben Kingsley writes about the various experience he had with property investors and how they build their p...

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Finding the Right Investment Property

In this episode of Look At Property, Ben Kingsley joins host, Des Dowling and Elizabeth Jackson from Public Property to discuss about finding the right investment property. When you are buying your own home, you have a lot of aspects to look at but will it be different when you are buying your own investment property? The panel discussed about h...

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Emotional Problems

Property Investors who allow emotions to enter into the transaction make three key errors which can lead to long-term problems that could easily be avoided. In the August 2014 issue of Smart Property Investment Magazine (SPI), Empower Wealth, shares some of her own stories where investors faced with emotional problems and property investment tip...

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One on One on PIPA’s Code of Conduct

In Season 7 of Look At Property, Ben Kingsley, as the current chair of Property Investment Professional of Australia (PIPA) appears on a One on One with Julie McBeth. In this episode, Ben talks about the spruikers in the Property Investment industry. With this industry unregulated, spruikers are allowed to roam free and provide tempting but unrelia...

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Generation Wealth

It's never too early or too late to start building your property portfolio. In the July 2014 issue of API Magazine (Australian Property Investor) uncovers the eight best tips and tricks to building wealth for your generation. "If only I started investing in property 10 years ago". We hear that sentence time and time again and yet so many people ...

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Take your Pick

There are many different opinions when it comes to successful investment strategies, so how do you know what's right? When it comes to successful property investing, there is a wide range of opinions as to what is the right or wrong way to go about creating wealth. Some says the best investment strategy is to go for regional properties while others...

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