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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

A Graceful Exit

API Magazine – A graceful exit strategy - March 2015 THUMBNAILYou might not like to think about the end game, but when it comes to property investing, an exit strategy is a must. In this March 2015 issue of Australian Property Investor (API) Magazine, Ben Kingsley was asked to share his thoughts about how to exit the property game gracefully. Here’s a snippet of the article:

“The whole point of investing in property, for most of us at least, is to accrue a degree of wealth and ensure we can retire in comfort. In order for property portfolios to fulfill their obligation, therefore, there needs to be some sort of plan in place for what’s happening towards the end of the game, which is where a structured exit plan comes in.

It certainly seems to boil down to the fact that one of the most crucial factors at the start of building your property portfolio is to think about what’s going to happen at the end – and keeping it at the front of your mind throughout the life of your investing journey.

Kingsley advises: “You shouldn’t be investing for the sake of investing, there should be some science behind what type of income you’re trying to achieve from a passive point of view. If you’re aspiring to get a self-funded retirement, you should be asking ‘What does that look like? How much are we going to need that’s going to get us the comfortable lifestyle we want in retirement?”

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