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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

I just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great team you have. We are currently working with Matthew with a new investment in Kilcunda. We met with Matthew last night and it was wonderful to see that you have worked hard to instill and maintain the wonderful client care culture that makes Empower Wealth a great organization to deal with. All care is taken to ensure the best financial package is obtained. Everything is explained in simple terms just as you always did.

Well done to you Ben it is a real pleasure dealing with you and your team.

- Sena R.

In the end we were satisfied with the out come of the mortgage broking team at Empower Wealth, although during the initial process we were concerned with the lack of consultation. Once we got over that hurdle we felt the service was professional and the process was relatively easy.

Thank you to the mortgage broking team at Empower Wealth for all your help.

- William D

Well, I spent quit a while to come up with any suggestions (for improvements), but I had such a perfect experience that I wouldn’t like anything changed!

I particularly liked the friendly and semi-formal atmosphere of your office and the people there. Not casual and not too formal. Just the right balance. I really hope this doesn’t change much as your business grows .

- Behdin A.

Really happy with the services and advice provided by Matthew Styles. He was very helpful, pragmatic and connected us to the right experts (such as Ben). Look forward to the continued service.

- Adam S

We’d like to say thank you very much for helping us through purchasing our very first property. It has been a not easy but very exciting journey and we’re grateful to have you by our side helping us every step of the way. Thank you especially Jodie for your patience and persistence in securing the property for us at the end. Thanks for answering our millions of questions day and night, responding to our emails and phone calls so quickly in the last half a year. I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved holiday.

Thanks Simon in helping us with our very last minute loan request. It has been a very smooth and easy process for us. Everyone we have talked to was very helpful and professional. We had a little trouble getting our loan approved at the last minute before the settlement and Simon rang us immediately on the day after his meetings at 9pm and sorted it out for us. We were very happy with the choice of loan we go with. Special thanks to Simon who made us realise that there’s no need for us in our situation to go over 80% LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) and pay the insurance which saved us a lot of money. Thanks for working out the best solution for us and your advise on how much to borrow and the terms. It was surprisingly easy to get a loan with your help, especially with nothing to fill we literally just have to sign!

Wish you all the best, looking forward to working with you again in the future and we will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone for sure.

- Jenny K

We first approached Empower Wealth after listening to Bryce and Ben’s podcast. After a few episodes we realized that while we had started to grow a property portfolio, we didn’t really feel we had applied their principles to avoid ‘opportunity cost’ and invested in the right assets. Our initial intention therefore was to test our current small portfolio and devise a strategy to exit any properties they thought we should, and also grow that portfolio. Our thinking therefore was based on the popular belief that financial security came from property accumulation.

After meeting with Bryce initially I got a real sense he was genuine and detailed in his knowledge of the market and property services, and it was also evident to me that Empower Wealth is not a property sales business. We could use any aspect of the business that made sense and all costs were transparent; no hidden fees or commissions.

After our initial meeting with Joel which comprehensively went through all our inputs on their online tool, the follow up meeting to go through Empower Wealth’s modelling and strategy revealed something we were not expecting. Joel’s first words were basically that Empower Wealth did not advise we sell any of our existing properties or that we buy any more property!

Having now finalized our plan, our strategy is sound and easily understood thanks to Joel’s straightforward approach. We are excited about our future and the clarity Empower Wealth’s planning tool has given us. Most importantly, we can see our goals are realistic and achievable.

We are grateful that true to that initial meeting with Bryce, we have received tailored and independent and unbiased advice from Joel not to buy any more property as our current portfolio will look after us if we stick to the plan, and in fact, buying more property exposes our cashflow and therefore debt position unnecessarily.

- Martin R.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help with the purchase and all your advice. I’ve greatly appreciate the service and recommended you (Jodie) to a few people including my housemate.

- Gihan W.

I had a great experience with Jodie, and look forward to working with her again in the future. The process / approach / service Empower Wealth provides is fantastic and introduces a much needed element of reason and logic that every property investor should be pursuing. Being an expat, and experienced investor, the main advantage for me was the asset selection process, and having Jodie as my eyes and ears on the ground.

- Troy W.

I think we both really appreciated the down-to-earth nature of all of the people we have spoken with, especially in a sense, pulling us back down to reality when we needed to know what can and can’t be achievable. This approach certainly felt like the advisors intentions were genuine and definitely in our best interests.

- Josh H.

The personalised customer service and ongoing contact with Bryce reassured me as a first time investor, every step of the way. Chrissy was also fabulous in answering my queries. You both go above and beyond to really know your clients and their needs and as a novice investor this is what I’ve valued. You guys are fabulous and I’m looking forward to working with you again on property two very soon. Thank you .

- Fiona B.

Joel did a great job explaining things and was quick to change things when there was a misunderstanding. The process was nice and easy and I appreciate having a plan to work towards so we can help our children in the future

- Melissa B.

My husband and I started this process very much as novices, but we have been guided every step of the way by Bryce and Chrissy and indeed Simon, Joel and all the team at Empower Wealth. Our first investment property journey was not easy which was no fault of Empower Wealth’s, but most certainly worthwhile. The prompt communication every step of the way was outstanding and we could not speak more highly of the service we have received. We look forward to the next stage of our investment property journey, which rests so comfortably in the hands of Empower Wealth.

- Christine R.

Overall we were very happy with the service, we felt well in informed and included throughout the whole process.
I guess the real test will be seeing how the property performs in the future but right now I feel we received the best and most professional advice available.

- William D.

Where to start? Liz has simply been amazing. Our financial situation is complex with many balls to juggle. But for Liz nothing has been too much trouble, and she has always gone the extra mile to make sure we understand the basis for the advice she gives and answering our many, many questions. Liz has also been our strongest advocate to making sure we get a fair deal from our insurers. Being the accountant in the family who runs all the household finances, I have always worried about how my wife and daughter will deal with our affairs if something happened to me. Liz is our most trusted advisor, and I sleep very well at night now knowing they will be in very safe hands not just with dealing with navigating insurance, but in ensuring that good money management and any other support is in place to preserve what we’ve worked so hard to get. On top of that Liz is ablely supported by Sam who is very responsive and has great attention to detail. They are an awesome duo, and I have recommended them without hesitation.

- Matt B.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, very informative and interesting. Thank you!!

- Elaine D.

One of the best seminar I ever attended. Thank you guys you are awesome!

- Sachin

Joel Burton has been extremely helpful however I particularly enjoyed my meeting with Ben Kingsley, the opportunity to learn from his experience has been highly valuable.

- Huiyng K.

Feedback – both of you have very engaging voices which makes it a lot easier to sit and listen!

- Ash J.

Really enjoyed this and has made me really think of what I want to achieve in the next 20yrs to get the maximum I can out of what is left of my working life.

- Siobhan

High quality content for someone who already has a reasonable investment education, one of the best ones I’ve seen:-)

- Monique

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