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SMSF Advice

SMSF Advice

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are becoming increasingly popular. Meet with one of our qualified advisers to see if setting one up is right for you.

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Investing in retirement through a self managed super fund is becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility, for example, buying property within the fund. There are three main things to consider before establishing an SMSF: can your current super fund offer the things that you’re after (such as the flexibility to invest in shares), are you prepared to make the time commitment required, and finally, are you prepared to take on the cost.

In the end, the decision to start an SMSF involves a trade-off between the cost of running the fund, both financial and time costs, and the benefits that it can return, such as flexibility and control. Our financial planners will help you decide whether or not an SMSF is right for you and if it is, will take you through the process, step by step, of setting one up and guide you through the investment process, ensuring your SMSF provides you with the best possible outcome come retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I rollover my superannuation?

    The decision to rollover or move your superannuation money from one fund to the next should be taken in the same light as looking to upgrade or purchase a new car. It is important to understand what is under the bonnet and to determine whether it is still appropriate.

  • How much is this going to cost me?

    Financial planning may and do encompass a myriad of tasks and activities; some simple and some more complex. As a fee for service financial planning practice, our fees are tailored to the work required.

  • How do I get higher returns?

    The return on any investment is inextricably linked to the risk associated with the investments; as the saying goes ‘the higher the risk, the higher the return’. It is important to assess how much risk you are prepared to take in order to achieve the higher return and, just as important, if it is necessary to take those risks in the first place.

  • Can I start an SMSF?

    The decision to start an SMSF fundamentally involves a trade-off between the cost of running the fund, both financial and time costs, and the benefits that it return be it flexibility or control. To learn more, check out our Three Things to Consider before Setting up a SMSF.

  • Why should I put money into superannuation?

    Superannuation is simply one of many ways to invest or create wealth for your future, and like any other investment options it does have its pros and cons. Investing through the superannuation system will offer tax effective benefits but there are restrictions on accessing the funds. The decision to invest in super should be made in conjunction with an assessment of your overall lifestyle plans.

  • Why should I have a financial plan?

    The planning process starts with an assessment of your objectives and your risks. The result of which is setting in place of the appropriate structures that provide flexibility, manages risks, and ultimately puts you on the path to reaching your objectives.

  • How can I use super most effectively?

    Superannuation is simply an investment vehicle. Utilising superannuation effectively to hold the right types of assets can certainly provide you with a more efficient way of holding your investments.

  • How much experience does your advisor have?

    At different stages of your life and circumstances, as well as investment markets, change is inevitable and hence, it is important to have an advisor that understands the potential impact of the changes, either through experience or education or both. While it can be difficult to determine the level of experience your advisor may have, looking out for the right accreditation and professional membership such as the Financial Planning Association is a good start.

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