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Investment Education

Investment Education

We’re passionate about teaching and have provided a suite of educational products to help people like you learn more about property, finance and wealth creation.

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Here at Empower Wealth, we are passionate about helping people live a better today whilst building a wealthier tomorrow. To help you achieve this, our leading team of experts have pulled together their tips, trade secrets and insights which they have learnt in their years of industry experience and created a series of short seminars, How To videos and useful guides. These cover a range of topics, including property, finance, investing and wealth creation.

We want everyone to have access to a range of educational content to help equip people with the knowledge to make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to better wealth outcomes. Whether you are just starting out in your property journey, or are a seasoned investor, we are sure you’ll find something of value in our educational content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we do it?

    Our CEO and Founder is also the Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia and is constantly pushing for a more regulated industry and with a team of altruistic professional advisors at Empower Wealth, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be doing it. We have a wealth of knowledge to share, so why not share it? It does not matter if the viewer/listener does not engage our services, because what we hope to achieve is to help them avoid making the wrong decision. We have seen many people making poor decisions and they always say, “I wish I knew this earlier.” Empower Wealth is hoping to change this by shining more light in this space and creating more awareness around the nature of property investment.

  • Are all your videos independent and free of charge?

    Yes, all our videos and reports are free and independent to some extent. We have to admit that we are a bit biased towards property investment due to its predictability and low volatility.

  • Are there any hidden agendas?

    No. The aim of our investment education materials is to increase the viewer/listener’s understanding in the property investment industry. It is absolutely okay if you do not engage with us while going through our content.

  • What is the best way to view all your educational material?

    The best starting point is the Beginner and Intermediate category of the How to Sessions. They are full of simple and easy-to-digest information which helps to grow our viewers’ foundation and knowledge bank. If you are looking for a regular, real time update on the industry, we recommend our podcast: The Property Couch. Bryce and Ben meet up every week to chat about property and investing in Australia.

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