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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

What’s in the New Season of LLLA

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The return of Location Location Location Australia Season 3 on the LifeStyle Channel had brought a lot of entertainment on each household’s Wednesday nights. Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk interviews Bryce and asked him about what’s in the new season of LLLA. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

“Kevin: Bryce, with a particularly tricky market right now, have you found it harder to help buyers through this process?

Bryce: Well, it’s difficult at the best of times to try and get people to buy their first time, because there’s a lot of emotion attached to it. But when you’re dealing with a market that’s quite strong and you’ve got to move really quickly, it makes it extra difficult.

Kevin: What advice have you got for people looking to buy in this market?

Bryce: My biggest advice – and it seems like a real no-brainer but it’s amazing how often people don’t do it – is to make sure you have your finances sorted out before you start looking…”

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