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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

“NETTELS” Grow Property Values

Intrigued by the headline? – What are NETTELS? Well it is the new demographic term used for higher income earners with kids yet no time, as termed in a recent article I read written by Bernard Salt.

So what does the abbreviation NETTELS stands for? Not Enough Time to Enjoy Life. They are aged between 30 & 49 years of age and both work full time and usually have dependant kids aged under 15 years. The household is flat out with parents work, family, kids’ development and social activities dominating their worlds, making their down time virtually non-existent. Yet, given both parents are professional their household  incomes start around $110,000 but are usually over $150,000, so they have the disposable income to pay for ‘things’ and it’s a lifestyle they  engage into.

In Bernard’s article he makes mention of a 39% increase in this type of demographic between the 2001 and 2006 census, with 130,000 of these types of households around Australia and growing. He mentions locations like Albert Park in Melbourne, Paddington in Sydney, Balmoral in Brisbane and Curtin in Canberra as cluster stops for this type.

I’ve long talked about affordability mixing in with property value increases and the reasons behind this being location to life’s needs, such as quick access to work, schooling and after work activities, such as beaches, parks, cafe, recreation area. Inner ring suburbs offering these options are in very short supply of suitable housing, given the family need at least three bedrooms to accommodate the family. Yet numbers in this type are continuing to grow as more couples are choosing to have careers mixed in with raising a family.  This puts ‘demand’ pressure on the limited supply of available homes that suit these demographic in these locations, so price growth follows as they compete for this housing stock.

The flow on effect occurs as these buyers look for alternative options.

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