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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

It’s Mortgage ‘Sale Season’

Over the last month, we are seeing signs from the lending sector that they believe their costs of funds are going to improve in the coming years. (Margin = the difference between what costs lenders source money for and what they on-sell it for – i.e. Profit margin)

Cheaper costs of funds means one of two things:

1 – Increased mortgage lending profits for lenders if they choose not to pass on these cost savings OR
2 – It means that some lenders are going to look to win some market share back by offering cheaper lending options to attract new customers

By Empower Wealth offering Mortgage Broking Services, we are in the driver’s seat because we get to see the best deals from so many more lenders. We have more visibility than what a borrower would see from their own lender or in doing some research because we are in the market everyday and have over 1000 loan options from over 30 lenders, including all the majors at our finger tips.

This gives our existing clients a competitive advantage, as we review their loans within any 12 month period to ensure they have the best and most suitable lending option for their ever changing needs.  If a lender offers them a better alternative then we notify our clients and get them in to discuss the benefits of moving vs. staying put – it’s their call………

For new customers to Empower Wealth looking to potentially refinance or establish a new loan following a new purchase, we offer a FREE professional service that is second to none; with so many values add offerings on top of our Mortgage Broking service.  Our ‘Wealth Tracker Assessment’ gives our clients a detailed insight into projections of cash flows, debt elimination timeframes and wealth and cash flow projections at retirement.  Again, all of this combined with the review of hundred of lending options to best accommodate their needs.

It makes a lot of sense to let professionally qualified specialists, who are completing loan applications and ‘Wealth Tracker Assessments’ every day, to help you take action and get the best outcome for your needs, especially when we offer a complimentary, no obligation, appointment.  Call today, and request an appointment with our finance advisors.  Call 9326 8900.

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