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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

Growing Your Property Portfolio, Five in Five

YIP Magazine – Five in Five Portfolio - August 2012Five properties in five years. It has a real nice ring to it, but most experts would agree that it makes a better headline than property investment strategy. They will tell you it’s dangerous to target a number, and that you shouldn’t stockpile properties just for the sake of adding to your property portfolio. But that headline certainly sells property investment books and seminar seats, and who doesn’t want to take the express route to becoming a property tycoon?

So what’s the scenario? Here it is:

A fictional Australian couple with 2 kids, ages five and seven, and are looking to build a property portfolio that can support their goals to retire early and replace their current income. Ages are35, household income of $100,000, current savings of $60,000, PPOR Value of $475,000 and finally a total loans of $275,000.

Empower Wealth is given a case study by Your Investment Property Magazine (YIP Magazine) with the objective of building a property portfolio with viable investment strategy consisting of five properties within five years time. Not only did we recommends a list of properties and their locations, we are also providing a display of the Preliminary Wealth Projection for those interested in looking at the numbers!



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