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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

Game Plan: Never too young to retire

YIP Magazine – Game Plan - Never too young to retire - July 2012Ashley is a 25-year old operations manager with a medium-sized coach business in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Considering his young age, he is earning a good salary and prides himself on being fiscally conservative – saving money by living at home with his parents and consistently putting more than a quarter of his income into savings each month. While he lives conservatively, he has a pretty bold goal for someone so young – he’s looking for an early retirement and to ditch his job in five to ten years while make his living through property investing. Ashley began his property investing career back in 2010 by taking advantage on an opportunity very close to home. “What happened is [my parents] had a block of land that they weren’t doing anything with that they got 10 years before and I just looked at the time at what was the best way to do it,” he remembers.

This time on Your Investment Property Magazine (YIP Magazine), Empower Wealth’s Directors – Michael Pope and Cate Bakos come together to plan an early retirement strategy for Ashley. The strategy includes purchasing three additional properties in the year, avoid tapping into any more of the available equity in Albernethy home co-owned with his parents and develop enough income through properyt in order to leave current job within 5-10 years and pursue property investment full time.

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