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Empower Wealth Blog post by Empower Wealth

Game plan: How to retire within 10 years on a 52k pa passive income

YIP Magazine – Game plan how to retire within 10 years on a 52k pa passive income - July 2011 thumbnailTasmania-based Jo Worsfold and her husband Chris got in touch with Your Investment Property in search of some first-time investor advice. As Jo admitted, the couple really had no idea where to start but were keen to get their property portfolio off the ground as soon as possible – if they could afford it. “My husband and I have been wanting to get into investing in real estate for some time now but had absolutely no idea where to start. we are also unsure of whether or not we can even afford to start investing now.” wrote Joe.

Your Investment Property Magazine contacted us at Empower Wealth to provide some guidance in this Property Coach Feature. Our Coaching team was set a challenging task to help Jo & Chris to achieve an early retirement with a very healthy passive income.

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