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Mortgage broking articles & tips

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in trying to find the right loan for your property? There are many different things to think about when getting a home loan, and some you might not have even considered. Check out our videos and articles to learn what to look out for when finding a mortgage broker to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Consumer Credit Report & Risk Scoring

Credit Scoring is a complicated and weighted measure of a credit report profile which lenders use to assess credit-worthiness based upon modelled statistical analysis.  In other words, how others with the same credit characteristics tend to repay their bills and the likelihood of the creditor getting repaid. With the tightening of lending over ...

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RBA Rates Decision – July 2010

Today the RBA announced to hold the cash rate for the month of July at 4.5 per cent.  It’s welcome news to all mortgage holders across the country, who have seen their mortgage interest costs on a variable home loan increase dramatically from the historic lows of 3 per cent in early 2009. Let’s take a look at a $300,000 variable, interest-o...

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Rents On the Up

The recent interest rate rises are doing what the RBA had hoped in terms of slowing down the demand in the property market in a general sense. By increasing the cash rate the flow on effect is felt across all facets of the residential market. The first impact is the reduction in borrowing power, as the banks move their lending assessment rates ...

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RBA Rates Decision – June 2010

Today the RBA announced to hold the cash rate for the month of June. That’s after several recent increases that have, in the view of the RBA moved the cost of money back to historically midpoint levels. The next move on rates will be an interesting debate given the recent events of the Euro zone and the ripple effects this is having on the glo...

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Finance Structuring for Investing

Choosing the correct Property is crucial to your future wealth when it comes to property investing. The focus of the investor is obviously on finding the best property and paying the right price. However, just as crucial in your property investing business is making sure that the structure of lending is correct for your portfolio now and for the fu...

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SPECIAL – Fixed Rate Mortgage Report

HOW ARE FIXED RATES FUNDED? Refresher from my comment in our May 2009 newsletter on fixed rates: Funding Fixed Mortgages - Lenders tend to outsource funding on money markets, via other banks/lenders – swap rates, through government bonds or via fixed savings deposits of similar duration which they collect from their own retail deposits, l...

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RBA Rates Decision – May 2010

Today the RBA announced it would increase interest rates a further 25 basis points to move the cash rate to 4.5%. This is the 6th rate rise in the last 7 meetings of the RBA and the cash rate has now risen back to similar levels as December 2008. The focus will again be on the Banks to see if they follow the RBA’s lead or move rates of their own ...

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Lazy Borrowings – Are they costing you?

Recently we saw CUA (the largest Credit Union in Australia) reduce their standard variable rate by 0.25% to 6.62%.  It was a marketing boon for them, as major media picked up on the story as part of what we will see as continued big bank bashing, given their recent profit results and also the overall market share they hold currently. The intere...

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RBA Rates Decision – April 2010

Today the RBA announced it would increase interest rates a further 25 basis point to move the cash rate to 4.25%.  They are trying to take the heat out of the booming housing market, as a threat of a bubble is forming due to the historical low rates implemented during the GFC.   Yet our quick recovery out of the GFC to avoid recession has seen t...

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Mistakes Borrowers Make

With finance the flavour of this month’s newsletter I thought I’d pen a list of borrower’s mistakes. This list is not specific to investors or owner occupiers; they are basic mistakes or assumptions that lead to mistakes that all borrowers can make..... So lets take a look at them (in no particular order) Going straight to their current B...

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Banks Pigeon Hole Their Customers

From my years working in the advertising industry, our Bank clients have always tried to draw a picture of who their target market client is.  You’d be surprised to know that it generally meant that many people were ‘Pigeon Holed’ into the same group and that there wasn’t enough distinctive information that could tell people apart. Have...

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RBA Rates Decision – March 2010

Today the RBA announced an increase in the cash rate of 0.25% to bring the cash rate to 4%.  This is the first increase in 2010 and follows three consecutive increases in late 2009.  The RBA decided to increase the rate based on positive economic news within the Australian economy, led mainly by the improvement in the level of unemployment. Th...

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Cash flow and Provisioning Critical

I am on record pretty much every week, talking about how property investing is a long term play and why would you sell if property values continue to grow and also provide immediate and on-going income via rent payable by tenants. Yet one of the barriers of entry for some to invest in property is the fear of borrowing money (debt) associated wit...

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