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Buying Your Next Home

When buying your next property, your thought process will consider many pros and cons. A bigger property may accommodate a growing family or provide more space for your needs. A smaller property can be less maintenance and accommodate a shrinking family as the young ones leave home over time.

Maybe location and ease of access become more important for things like schools, lifestyle, transport or work? Whatever your motivation or reason to take the next step, get some free professional assistance from Empower Wealth.

Worth serious consideration…

So you have decided to buy again – that’s great!

Our first bit of advice to those looking to buy again could be the difference between average gains and hundreds of thousands of dollars in future wealth and a happier retirement. Holding on to an appreciating asset through planning and proper money management could be a master stroke to your net wealth in the future.

Before you go shopping, make sure you spend some time assessing your options regarding your existing asset. Far too many people give up great properties because they didn’t realise they could hold it and turn it into an investment property. They fail to realise their existing property, which will produce income to assist with the mortgage repayments, could mean it’s costing nothing more to hold this property and the planned new purchase.

Financing your Next Purchase…

If you didn’t get your previous loan with us, it’s most likely your loan structure could be a simple one and lacking the right structure. This new purchase will enable you the opportunity to re-visit your lender and loan structuring to ensure the loan meets your needs; for now and into the future.

Furthermore, if you have decided to keep your existing property or the next purchase is in fact an investment property, then the correct ownership and loan structuring is going to be vitally important. If done correctly, you will benefit greatly with your forward planning and potential savings regarding your loan and possible taxes being paid.

Any new purchase can be complex and time consuming, so you need to align yourself with professionals that will offer well balanced and detailed information to allow you to make the most informed decision possible. Empower Wealth’s Mortgage Broking Services are operated by experienced specialists in their field, with specialist lending knowledge and access to taxation and structuring advice from qualified professionals.

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