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7 Common Questions Property Investors Ask

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BRYCE: Hey Ben, we’re really excited about the upcoming webinar that we have on the Seven Deadly Sins when it comes to Building a Property Portfolio and we want to talk about the habits that are potentially undermining your success. But importantly, how you can overcome them.

BEN: Yeah Bryce, it’s a master class that’s going to teach you all the things that you need to overcome to take action in building a property portfolio for a wealthier tomorrow.

BRYCE: So we’re going to show you. We’re gonna go hard on the teaching aren’t we?

BEN: We are!

BRYCE: We are gonna unpack all of those sins so that you can see if you relate to any one of them. But if you’re wondering whether or not you should register your seat for this master class, we’ll ask you a few questions. The first one Ben, is do you know where your money goes?

BEN: Very good question! Do you know where your money goes? I mean if you don’t know where your money goes and you can’t trap that income, you don’t have a surplus. You’re not even going to get off the starting line. So it’s absolutely critical to understand where that goes. That’ll be the first thing that we teach as part of this master class.

BRYCE: It’s absolutely foundational isn’t it? Because the amount of clients that we talk to and ask them do you know where the money is at the end of the month? They just don’t know. So if you can relate to that question where does your money go? You absolutely need to be registering for this masterclass.

BEN: And I quite like that because if you we show you how to trap it, we can also then teach you how to supercharge it to get a wealthier tomorrow.

BRYCE: It’s a good point isn’t it? People often trap their surplus and they invest it into their lifestyle. But if you want to trap the surplus and invest it into your future, that is an absolute game changer. So if you can relate to that you absolutely should be a part of this.

BEN: What’s the next one mate?

BRYCE: Next one is… and this is quite common as you know… where do you start? You know you’ve got this ambition that you want to build a portfolio but you just don’t know what to do next.

BEN: It’s getting the fundamentals right. Getting off that starting line. Understanding all the sort of planning work that you need to do is absolutely critical to your success. Big financial transaction Bryce, if we get it wrong and we have to reverse out and start again. Best to get it right the first time around. So I’m really keen to be showing the people on the masterclass exactly what we do here to line the ducks up in the right row.

BRYCE: Good one Ben. The next one is you don’t know how to organize your loans. Because let’s be honest, if you’re gonna build a property portfolio you’re going to have multiple loans and in some cases deal with multiple lenders.

BEN: Yeah, you’re going to have to borrow money aren’t you? So when you’re borrowing money, there’s a science to borrowing money to allow you to basically move along that chessboard, the game of building a portfolio. Not just one but several properties over that journey. So I think there’s a lot of strategy, tactics, and structuring stuff that we’re going to share with you on this webinar.

BRYCE: The power of building a portfolio is all about leverage Ben. So right there. If you do not know how to organize your loans you’ve got to check out this masterclass. Okay the next one is… Some people just don’t know how much they need to retire. They know what the lifestyle is that they want. They know what choices they want to do but they just don’t actually know what they’re aiming for and that’s critical.

BEN: The when and the what. Well I don’t know. I mean how many people could you ask on the street, “What are you going to retire? How old are you going to be and how much passive income are you going to have in retirement?” If you don’t know the answer to that, we’re gonna start making you look over the horizon to start thinking about that and work backwards to go forwards.

BRYCE: So there’s a very simple formula Ben, to work that out. If you want to know what that is you definitely should come and be a part of it. Then the next thing is … How many properties do you need? Do you need 10? Do you need 20? 50?

BEN: How many of those magazines talk about these people who have multiple properties. It’s not that important. It’s the value and the quality of the assets that’s going to deliver you that passive income. So we’re going to talk about roughly how many you’re going to need and how many you need to buy over a period of time. Property investment is a long-term investment. We’re NOT going to teach you how to speculate. We are NOT going to teach you how to get rich quick. We’re going to go through the fundamental steps and stages that you need to master to be able to build out a portfolio, to give you that wealthier tomorrow.

BRYCE: If you know how much you need to retire Ben, it makes that very very clear on how many properties you need. So check that out. Ben, the next one is…. it’s a big one.

BEN: It’s probably the biggest!

BRYCE: In fact it’s the most expensive one.

BEN: We don’t even want to say the word do we? Its procrastination. But actually it’s about taking action. Because there are limitations. There’s fears, there’s you know, sort of human behaviors that are stopping us from doing that so I think it’s really important. If I were to sort of summarise how well this sort of you know… webinar is going to go, I talked about you know, working on you and then working on the selection and the implementation piece. So I’m excited to be talking about that because that is the biggest killer.

BRYCE: Absolutely, the question is can you relate to that one? If you can, you absolutely need to check out this masterclass and the last one Ben, is it’s not a solo sport. Even tennis is not a solo sport. They’ve got people in the box that are helping them out Ben. So who do you ask for help and traditionally some of the older generations, they want to keep it all to themselves. But the people who have the best performance are usually the people that take the best advice.

BEN: Building an A team. There’s no way known you can do all this yourself. You’re going to need a conveyancer/solicitor. Looking at the property, you’re going to need to talk to an accountant. You’re going to need to potentially talk to an investment savvy mortgage broker. You’re going to need to talk to advisor. There’s lots of people. So the most important point is we will teach you, in terms of, how to look at that and get the leverage. Get their years of experience to be able to fast-track your ability to take action.

BRYCE: Absolutely! So folks if you can relate to one or more of these questions, then this masterclass is absolutely for you. I recommend that you reserve your seat as quickly as you can because there’s only limited spaces.

BEN: There is limited space and I think the other important point is.. it’s not going to be a 20-minute webinar. You know you can’t be advanced in your thinking to take action with just top-line information. We are going to drill down into the detail and get into the finer points that can give you a better understanding for you to be able to implement all the information and the education that we’re going to provide you in this masterclass.

BRYCE: Absolutely. So there you go folks. Register for the Seven Deadly Sins when it comes to Building your Property Portfolio.

Don’t delay. Reserve your seat straight away.


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