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House hunting can be stressful and time consuming. Let our buyers agents take the pressure off you in the search for your next home.

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Buying your first home is an exciting time, and a major milestone in most people’s lives. However, if you’ve never bought a property before, it can be incredibly daunting.

There are many advantages to having a buyers agent by your side during this time, as they are able to take out a lot of the stress around finding the perfect property to fit all your needs and wants, as well as negotiating and attending auctions on your behalf.

Our buyers agents here at Empower Wealth have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge of the Australian property market. They are here to make the home buying process a memorable experience and lead you every step of the way to finding your perfect home. And if you’re already there but just need some help negotiating, whether it be at auction or with real estate agents, our buyers agents are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Buyers Agent do? Do you only buy investments?

    Think of a Buyers Agent like a Real Estate Selling Agent. A selling agent works for the seller of the property and a buyers agent work for you, the buyer. Traditional home buying process includes the buyer dealing with the selling agent and more often than not, being told that they are buying a good property. Well, the truth is, why would the selling agent say otherwise? They are being paid commission to sell the property, of course they would highlight all the good parts of it! A buyers agent on the other hand would look at it from you point of view and determine if it fits your personal criteria.

    Our Buyers Agents buys both investment properties and homes for our clients. There would be some variation to the service offer but at the end of the day, all that matters is us buying you a great asset for your household now and into the future.

  • What are the best suburbs to buy a home?

    Clients often ask us this. The answer is different depending on whether the property is a home or an investment.

    If it’s a home, then the buyer needs to consider their own needs. This consideration will include proximity to friends, family, work, schools (if applicable), lifestyle elements which hold appeal and of course, budget. The most crucial thing when you buy a home is to make sure it’s where your heart is!

  • Will you look at off the plan or house and land packages?

    Generally, as a company, we stay from off the plan and house and land packages. However, we do look at this on a case by case basis. If we think it might actually tick all the boxes then we would be more than happy to buy the property for you. But, if based on our research and due diligence work, we felt that there is a better opportunity elsewhere we would let you know.

  • Can you give us a discount on your Buyers Advocate's rate? Because we really need to try to save as much as we can?

    Our Buyers Advocate team and the rest of the company will always do our best to look after our valued clients, whether it comes to helping them provision for professional assistance when buying their property, or offering them a tailored support package suited to their needs and budget. Our Buyer’s Agents all work on a flat fee and pride themselves on achieving an amazing result for every client. Our business enjoys many fantastic referrals from our valued clients and this is the yardstick we work to when helping our clients buy. Our last client who queried our negotiation fee saved over $100,000 with us after they engaged us.

  • Why would we pay you or a Buyers Advocate to negotiate for us when anyone can buy a property?

    That’s right… anyone can buy a property. We find out about terrible purchases all the time and sometimes we have to patch up bad mistakes people make, or worse still – just deliver them the bad news after their mistake has been realised. The biggest mistake anyone can make in property is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why not talk to a professional and see what help they can offer? After all, when we search through properties, we reject just over 98% of them. Would an inexperienced person know which ones to reject? Between us we have over four decades of property buying experience and we intimately know so many pockets in the market. To compound that, we deal with agents around the clock and we negotiate every day. Not many people have this level of skill and experience in residential property.

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