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May 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

How Do You Spot A Property Spruiker?

The issue about Property Spruikers is not a new one but a lot of investors out there are still unaware about it. With this in mind, Bryce started this How to Session by defining what is a spruiker and describe some of the common ways to spot one. Read more

A Home Is Not Just a Home: The Process of Buying a Home with an Investor’s Mindset (Part 1)

Some people buy a home and live in it indefinitely but some others upsize or downsize over time. If you’re in the second category and if you are thinking about turning your home into an investment later on, then read this article before you make any decisions. Read more

Different Types of Property Loans and Why Interest Rate Is NOT King

Our advisors have been asked about what kind of property loans are available out there and how you determine which is better for you. This time we’ve decided to list the most popular loan types and explain why you shouldn’t base your decision purely on interest rates. Read more

Episode 009 | Buying Countercyclical

In Episode 009 of The Property Couch, Bryce and Ben talk about understanding the property market trend and buying counter cyclical instead of chasing properties which are potentially already at the peak of their cycle.

Find out the rest of the Golden Rules of Property Investment in the podcast. Listen Now/a>

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