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Your Property Manager Presentation – 2015

Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway will be presenting at the Investors Only Night organised by Your Property Manager.

  • Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Cheltenham, Victoria - 3rd of September 2015

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Have you ever heard stories of property investors building their multi-million dollar portfolio and wondered, how did they do it? Where did they get so much surplus cash and how did they know which property is a good choice of investment? Well, you are not alone. If you are curious and keen to build your own portfolio, I encourage you to join us for a very special event where not just one, but TWO of Australia’s Top Property Experts, Ben Kingsley & Bryce Holdaway will present exclusively to Your Property Manager clients, family and friends. Ben & Bryce will be discussing those questions and focusing on how to develop a tailored property plan based on your unique household’s personal and financial goals that will enable you to achieve financial independence with residential property.

There will be no sale pitches, and nothing being ‘sold’ at this event or any event held by YPM in conjunction with Empower Wealth Advisory. The night will purely be focused around education, information and great Q&A sessions where you will be in the company of two leading experts, and have the chance to ask questions first hand.

Event Sessions

Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Cheltenham, Victoria

3rd of September 2015

Presented by

Ben Kingsley

Founder & Managing Director
Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Bryce Holdaway

Buyers Agent

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