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How To Get Started In Property Investment

While Still Enjoying Your Family And Lifestyle

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Would You Like To Invest In Property

But Have Unanswered Questions Like...

  • How do we afford to invest in property when we’re busy raising a family (and still keep money for holidays, schooling, a bigger home, and other important lifestyle needs)?
  • How much does it really cost, and how long will it take to build a stress-free property portfolio we can live off?
  • Is “passive income” through property a possibility or a pipe-dream? And will we have enough to retire comfortably?
  • Who can we trust to set us on the right path (without having to sit through hours of hyped-up seminars with “hard sell” pitches, or spend 10,000 hours achieving “expert” status when we don’t have the time, but  want to achieve this for ourselves?)
  • What’s happening with property now (where are we in the property cycle and what locations should we invest in)?
  • What types of properties should we be looking at (units, houses, off-the-plan, new, established, or perhaps even commercial properties)?
  • What’s the best way to get a loan and structure everything for maximum returns, comfortable serviceability and potential tax savings?
  • How can we find the best way to get started (taking into consideration our current stage of life and changes that will occur in the coming years)?

Many busy couples are thinking similar things. So, we’ve developed a Free Consultation to answer these, and many more important questions, to help you create an ongoing passive income with property.

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Watch their stories

Find out how these inspiring Australians prioritised the big rocks in the jar and built their own property portfolio to financial peace.

Build A Property Portfolio

Our specialist property advisors, buyers agents, mortgage brokers and financial planners create a tailored Property Portfolio Plan based on your individual needs and help you every step of the way. It’s as easy as A,B,C,D:

Asset Selection

Find and buy the right "investment grade" properties for maximum growth and income

Borrowing Power

Get the money you need (at the right rates, conditions, and structures to minimise repayments and maximise tax benefits)

Cashflow Management

Keep track of it all for maximum profits and passive income


Protect your assets for a certain, secure retirement

With no property to sell and only professional and experienced advisors to guide you, our advice is tailored to your unique situation so you can reach your financial goals sooner while still enjoying your lifestyle now.

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What our Clients Say

I came to Empower feeling anxious about financial decisions I had made. I feel like financially my wife and I are already in a better way. Between the Money smarts system and a long term plan we feel transformed.

Miles Gyuricza

Empower Wealth Property Portfolio Plan gave my wife and I more comfort in knowing what our financial position will be through out our future plans, including when we would comfortably be able to purchase and hold for the long term an investment property.

Daniel Battisti

One of my friends recommended the Podcast to listen to. It took about four episodes and a free webinar for us to jump onto a Property Portfolio Plan. The process is very involved and the information gathered was a lot, but the staff were very friendly and that made the process easy. With our current situation in life the plan took a while to get organised, but that was due to Christmas and the birth of our child. All in all, the plan is very detailed and has given us a path to follow. We're looking forward to the rest of our lives :o)

Nick Dickinson

"We have been very impressed by the professionalism shown by Empower Wealth. I have listened to the Property Couch podcasts and have high expectations about Empower Wealth. Our expectations have been met ... nay ... exceeded by the time we have been in contact with Empower Wealth and Stuart Bartram our Property Investment Advisor. Our Property Portfolio Plan took awhile to come together but we wouldn't have it any other way as it's quite a complex piece of documents where both parties need to take time to understand each other's needs to input all that into the model. And what a fantastic model that Empower Wealth has! If you are considering your retirement plans, regardless whether you're young or older, I'd highly recommend giving Empower Wealth a shot at helping you with that. It's not cheap but you get what you pay for. Is your future worth gambling on free advice? We're very happy with what we've received and we're paying for peace of mind for our future. We now have a workable plan which we can follow to achieve our retirement. Thank you Empower Wealth! "

William Woon

"My partner and I are 33-34 years old. Although we are both relatively good with the way we manage money, we needed that extra expertise and accountability when it came to an investment strategy. This is what Empower Wealth gave us. I’m excited to see how quickly we can develop and grow our portfolio and this plan makes it feel well and truly in reach. Thank you to our Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Mortgage Broker and Financial Planner for your assistance thus far."

Matt Davey

How To Get Started On Your Financial Transformation

Book a Free Consultation with an experienced Empower Wealth advisor and discover how you could build a property portfolio that pays you a passive income

Our process begins with a Free Consultation, where...

  • You’ll get a crystal clear picture of where you are in your financial journey right now (and what you need to do to build a property portfolio that produces a passive income and sets you up to “retire in style”)
  • You’ll gain clarity over what you really want for your future (and a realistic plan to get there)
  • You’ll get an overview of the different types of property investments (and the one that’s best for you)
  • You’ll discover how to find properties and build a portfolio that pays you a passive income (while still enjoying your freedom and lifestyle)

Property Investment Advisory

Advisory Of The Year

Empower Wealth’s client survey results show customer satisfaction at 91% for overall satisfaction and 98% being willing to recommend their services. The release of a cloud-based portal demonstrates a progressive client focus and ability to harness technology to grow.


Kevin Turner
Judge for the PIA Awards

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