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October 2017 – Property Investment Newsletter

Top 5 Considerations when Investing in Sydney

There’s no doubt a property in Sydney will do wonders for your portfolio. It just makes sense to invest in Australia’s largest city, loved all over the globe. But there are five key things you need to consider before you jump straight in. One thing being “Gazumping” … What is it? Read more

Three Cheap Cosmetic Renovations You Can Consider

Want your investment property to earn you more? A better valuation? More rent coming in? Or are you selling and wouldn’t mind a higher price for your property? Watch this for the cheapest cosmetic renovation tricks you can do! Especially if you’re on a budget, but still want the results. Read more

Where to Invest $10k – A Guide to Rentvesting

So where does he think you should invest $10,000?

Well, you can’t buy an investment property with $10k, but you can definitely invest in your potential!!

This is a golden insight, particularly after his article, A Guide to Rentvesting, the new way to invest, especially for the Gen Ys out there who are struggling to break into the Melbourne and Sydney’s market!

What to know if Rentvesting the right strategy for you? Click here to find out.

$10k could be all it takes!

Click the image to find Ben’s answer.


Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Peter & Clare* were already in the Melbourne market with their first home, their Principal Place of Residence. Wanting to use this to kick start a rewarding property investment journey, they had great intentions to move forward on their wealth creation plans. Find out more about their journey!

Click here to read their purchasing story!




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