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October 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

What is a Family Pledge or Guarantor Loan?

If you’ve only managed to save a small deposit but are keen to get on the property ladder soon, you might want to consider a Guarantor Loan. But how does it work, and who is suitable for this type of loan? Ben Kingsley explains more in this How to Session. Read more

A day in the life of a Buyers Agent

The majority of people often see the exciting part of a Buyers Agent’s role. They turn up at auction, nod at the Auctioneer a couple of times and somehow, manage to secure the property. But it’s not all that easy! There is a lot of work behind the scenes, and this time on our How to Session, Bryce sheds some light on the work our Buyers Agent Team has been doing. Read more


Pay off the mortgage or invest – How to do both?

Investors often face with one common question when their savings grow: Should I pay off the mortgage or invest? With interest rates at its all time low and an outperforming property market, some might think that it is an obvious choice but how sure are you? In this Money Magazine’s August 2016 Edition, Bryce shares his point of view on how you can achieve both. Here’s a snippet of the article:

“So this raises a question: if they are to go against generations of conditioning to embrace the idea of investing sooner, is the added risk of taking on more debt while they pay off their mortgage worth it? I would argue that it is. By the clever use of leverage we can control a much larger asset base and, in return, get the associated compounding benefits that will ultimately provide us with more money in retirement.”

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Property Investor Sentiment Survey 2016

The PIPA Investor Sentiment Survey 2016 results are out and 70% of respondents said they think now is a good time to invest in property! Thanks to all of you who has completed the survey. You can now download the findings report here. Download report here


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