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November 2017 – RBA Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – November 2017 Announcement

On the first Tuesday of the month where the nation stops for a horse race called the Melbourne Cup, the RBA made their cash rate announcement! So where is the rate sitting at now? What has changed with property prices? Ben explains and gives you the insight into Australia’s rental yields … Read more

Top 5 Considerations when Investing in Brisbane

Bryce gave you the considerations when investing in Melbourne and, most recently, Sydney so his next stop is … Brisbane! With population growth expected to reach 4.2 million by 2050, Brisbane has a great deal of potential. But if you’re not a local there, there is a thing or two about this capital city that you’ll only know if you’re told … Read more

Episode 143 | When will the Power of Big Data and AI decide the Real Value of your Property? Chat with Greg Dickason, Chief Technology Officer at CoreLogic

Big Data. Artificial Intelligence. When will it start calling the shots?

As promised, here’s our LIVE PODCAST from the Sydney Property Buyers Expo on the weekend! So if you missed our nail-biting chat with Greg Dickason, Chief Technology Officer at Corelogic, we have you covered!

What can you expect?

  • Who is CoreLogic providing its data to? (and why it REALLY matters!)
  • How and where does CoreLogic collects its data and how are they analysed?
  • When will this data transform the property industry?
  • Is it possible for data to choose a property for you?
  • Where can you access this data, right now?

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What is PICA’s all about?

There are over 2 million property investors in Australia and this number grows every year. Until now there hasn’t been a dedicated membership association where property investors can come together, share knowledge and learn from one another and have a united voice when it comes to decisions that impact them.

Our goal is to build the Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) into a very large membership to advocate, build awareness and educate. We are currently developing our charter via the board and through consultation with our members, before we officially launch in the coming weeks. (If you complete an expression of interest form on this page, you will be sent a copy of the draft charter to learn more about us).

Membership will only be $5 per year or $20 for 5 years of membership.

Associate Membership (for businesses) will be $50 per year or $200 for 5 years of membership.

Interested? Click here to learn more.

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