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November 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

Tax Refund: Can You Request It Sooner?

Have you heard of the income tax withholding variation form before? It is a mouthful, but it can be quite useful for certain types of property investors. Bryce explains what this is and how it can help your cash flow position. Read more

Variables to Consider when Modelling a Property Portfolio

At Empower Wealth, we always encourage our clients to understand the concepts of property investing and how we build our property portfolio plans. So in this How to Session, Ben discusses some of the variables that you need to consider when modelling your own property portfolio plan. Read more

Episode 089 | What Impact will Donald Trump have on the Australian Property Market?

Today’s podcast is a particularly interesting one as it gets a bit more political than usual! From talks about Brexit to the results of the American election last night, Episode 89 delves deep into one of the most talked about general elections in recent years and its potential effects on not only the United States, but on the world economy. Less than 24 hours after the result of the American general election, Bryce and Ben both discuss the potential impact of the new president-elect, Donald Trump and how his presidency could affect the Australian housing market.

From discussing whether or not Donald Trump’s approach to his presidency will be pragmatic, these two “property hacks” talk about the effect this will have on stock markets, trade and housing to name a few. The guys will no doubt have enough to keep you interested for the next 30 minutes with their thoughts and predictions of the final result. Start listening to find out more.
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